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Mobius Video Camera Shroud

  • 1995

The Mobius Shroud is the easiest way to attach a Mobius camera to your rocket! 

It attaches to an airframe using (4) included #4 Self Tapping Screws for maximum durability. The mount can also be glued to your airframe. 

The Mobius snugly fits into the shroud, and is secured with an included #4 screw through the shroud cap.

There are cutouts in the exterior of the shroud for easily accessing the cameras buttons and viewing the status light. 

Shrouds are available from 2 -12" in all the most common sizes. Shrouds under 5" will fit airframes within ~1/4" of the listed size.  Shrouds over 5" will fit airframes within ~1/2" of the listed size. Custom shroud diameters are available for a small fee

These are now made from high quality 3D Printed PET Plastic, which is more impact resistant and has a much higher maximum temperature compared to PLA.

The shroud measures 4.15 x 1.52 x ~.93 inches, and weighs 32 grams. (size and weight may vary slightly based on size selected) 

Fist both the standard and wide angle versions of the Mobius. 

The Mobius HD camera is NOT included.

Currently only available in grey.

The Mobius HD video camera is my personal favorite camera for High Power rocketry. It produces nice clear images at 30fps and 1080P or 60fps and 720P. There is also a very simple computer interface allowing settings to be adjusted to your preference. They can be set to record on power up, so there is never any confusion whether the camera is recording right before a flight.

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