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Replacement Components

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If you need a replacement part for any additive aerospace products, please add this item to your cart.

I'm bad at keeping track of emails, and this will keep your request from getting lost. Also it will automate the sending of tracking details for the parts. I want everyone to be happy! 


If you feel like I should cover shipping, select the free shipping variant. If a part fails through some manufacturing defect, or perhaps I sent the wrong size of some item, free shipping seems reasonable. 

If you made a mistake somehow, and think it is fair you cover shipping, please select the standard shipping option. For example, if you stepped on your fly away rail guide and need a replacement rod(s). 

I reserve the right to cancel a replacement part claim if necessary. There will be plenty of communication as to why if that is ever the case. 



Please let me know int he order notes what you need and why as specifically as possible. 

Measurements and original order numbers are helpful, especially with fly away rail guides as they have gone through quite a few revisions over the years.