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98mm SMART Sled

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Simple Modular Altimeter Recovery Technology

The 98mm SMART sled makes mounting altimeters into a rocket AV bay simple and painless. There are no holes to drill or parts to glue, and the entire sled is engineered for simplicity.

A switch band at the bottom of the sled can hold the popular Schurter rotary switch and (2) of our PCB screw switch

All the switches are held close to the coupler surface for easy access on the pad.

The battery compartment on the rear of the sled can hold (2) standard 9V battery, or up to (6) of the 400mAh Sparkfun LiPo packs for maximum versatility.

There are pre-spaced holes on the front of the sled, which allow a wide variety of altimeters to be attached quickly. The sled will accommodate a single copy of most altimeters on the front side, though two Ravens or Stratologger CF's can be mounted vertically on each half of the sled if desired. A Raven or Stratologger CF can be mounted on the rear of the sled above the battery holder as well. 

Slots are provided for quick attachment of zip ties and wire routing.

The 98mm SMART Sled is designed for (2) 1/4-20 threaded rods with 3" spacing

In the event of a catastrophic airframe failure, the bright orange color makes finding your expensive electronics in a field much easier.

These are now made from high quality 3D Printed PET Plastic, which is more impact resistant and has a much higher maximum temperature compared to PLA

Compatible Altimeters:

(4) Raven
(4) Stratologger CF
(2) Stratologger SL100
(2) MAWD
(2) Adept22/DDC22
(2) Telemetrum 2.0
(2) Eggtimer Rev D
(2) Eggfinder TRS
(2) Eggfinder Rev B
(2) ARTS1/2
(2) Tragic Little Aerospace GPS
(1) (1) Marsa54L


  • Weight with battery covers (no hardware) - 70g
  • *Dimensions: 5" long x 3.4" wide x 2.25" deep
  • Mounting: (2x) 1/4-20 all-thread on 3" spacing
  • Comes with (8) #2 screws and nylon standoffs, as well as (4) #4 screws for the battery holders
  • Currently only available in high visibility orange.
  • Includes the sled, (2) battery covers, screws, and nylon standoffs. 
  • Does NOT come with altimeters, batteries, battery clips, or switches. 

Sleds which are designed to fit the Missile Works RRC2+ and RRC3 altimeters are available through MissileWorks.

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