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38mm SMART 9v Battery Sled

  • 995

Simple Modular Altimeter Recovery Technology

The 38mm SMART 9v Battery Sled makes mounting batteries into a rocket AV bay simple and painless.

It allows a standard 9v Alkaline battery or up to (3) 400mAh LiPo battery packs to be securely mounted in a 38mm coupler

A screw on battery cover provides effective battery restraint during high G flights. 

The 38mm SMART 9v Battery Sled is designed for (2) #8-32 rods with 1in spacin

In the event of a catastrophic airframe failure, the bright orange color makes finding your expensive electronics in a field much easier.

These are now made from high quality 3D Printed PET Plastic, which is more impact resistant and has a much higher maximum temperature compared to PLA


  • Weight with battery cover - 12g
  • Dimensions: 2.5" long x 1.25" wide x 1.16" deep
  • Mounting: (2x) #8-32 all-thread on 1" spacing
  • Comes with (2) #4 screws for the battery cover
  • Currently only available in high visibility orange.
  • Includes the sled, battery cover, and screws
  • Does NOT come with altimeters, batteries, battery clips, or switches.

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