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54mm (2.25") Fin Can, Type A

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The easiest way to make a Mach 1+ capable 54mm rocket. 

The fin can features 3 or 4 fins, with a clipped delta profile and supersonic airfoil configuration.  The 4 fin can weighs in at under 4 oz! 

To assemble, lightly sand the inside of the fincan and superglue onto your airframe. For supersonic flights, make a small epoxy fillet where the can meets the airframe.  

Currently available in two sizes. 2.25" and under is for thin wall fiberglass tubing, and 2.25-2.31" fits pretty much everything else. If in doubt, measure your tube OD with calipers. 

PDF's  with detailed fin can dimensions and information are available below. 

3 Fin, 4 Fin

Given the variety of options, all fin cans will be printed on demand, so please allow at least 1 week for manufacture.

Manufactured from PET plastic using professional Fablicator 3D Printing workstations. 

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