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Simple Circuit - Terminal Expansion for Raven Altimeter

  • 2495

Simple Circuit is the ideal way to wire your Raven altimeter. Simple Circuit attaches to the small terminals of the Raven altimeter and creates larger, dedicated terminal blocks for the battery, switch, and four output channels. 

  • Remove any guesswork that comes with wiring the stock Raven, just place the header pins inside the Raven terminals and tighten! All expansion terminals are clearly labeled for easy identification. 
  • Easily use your preferred arming method and battery (refer to the Raven User’s Manual for proper battery selection).
  • Permanently install a Simple Circuit in each of your rockets to quickly swap one Raven amongst several rockets.
  • Assembled in-house by Additive Aerospace, USA.  

 Download the mounting template here: Simple Circuit Hole Drilling Template

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