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Battery Holder(s)

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Predictably secure your 9v or Lipo battery in flight.

Mounts using #6-32 or M3 screws (Not currently included)

Made from durable, heat resistant PET plastic. 

The 9v holder weighs ~11g, but other sizes will vary based on size. 

The battery holder is designed to be mounted with the "Length" of the battery aligned with the axis of flight, and requires both screws to be securely fastened into your sled. They are not designed for high G off-axis loading. 

Choose a stock battery, or send me an email requesting a particular size, which I will add to the listing with appropriate price. 

FOR CUSTOM REQUESTS: Please include the battery manufacturer, mAh, Cell Count, and Length x Width x Depth dimensions as shown in the product photo album. 

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