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Aluminum U-Bolt - Machined 7075-T651

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I have never really liked the use of eye-bolts in rocketry, as most off the shelf hardware is extremely bulky with no concern for weight.

These are designed to remedy a lot of those issues.

Machined from 7075-T651 Aluminum, they have a tensile strength comparable to steel, but at a fraction of the weight. (Only 2.33g!) They are also only 0.25" tall.

These have a theoretical max load around 600lbs, but is heavily dependent on the mounting hardware. Grade 8 or 170,000 psi hardware is strongly suggested. 

Aluminum hardware can be used, but it would only be suitable for very lightweight rockets. 

The main through hole is sized for 1/4-20 rod/nut, and the secondary mount point is for a #8-32 screw/bolt.

Since these are not a closed loop like an eye-bolt, they can be attached directly to a sewn Kevlar loop and also eliminate a quick link. (1/4" max Kevlar diameter) 

PDF With Reference Dimensions

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