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Shapeoko 3 Limit Switch and Probe Kit

  • 7995

This kit has everything you need to add limit switches and conductive probing to your Shapeoko 3!

It has been engineered for maximum axis travel and easy installation. Each of the limit switches reduces axis travel by less than 3mm.

All wires have crimped terminals and headers, and are color coded for easy attachment. 

The structural parts are made from high quality PLA on an Industrial 3D Printer, and are extremely robust. 

The kit includes:

  • Min and Max limit switches for the X and Y axis
  • Max limit switch for the Z axis
  • Banana Jack for probing leads
  • Quick Connect Probing Leads
  • All screws and wire harnesses necessary for installation

Assembly is as simple as putting in 10 screws and 2 color coded connectors.  Usually takes less than 1/2hr. 

Currently available in Blue and Black

Check out the Instructions for assembly and use!


Unfortunately, due to a change in frame design ,this kit is not compatible with any unit besides the Shapeoko 3. The XL and XXL are NOT supported. 















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